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Ashton Tyree

Ashton Tyree

Dr. Tyree was raised within the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia, but now calls Florida his home.  He attended the prestigious Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) with a focus in engineering and hard sciences, the University of South Florida (USF) with a focus in Biomechanics and foundational exercise and movement sciences, and attended Lynchburg College (now University of Lynchburg) for his doctoral studies in Physical Therapy.  Dr. Tyree’s clinical practice patterns focus on the complex interplay of where the Anatomic and Physiologic process of the body intersect with the foundational sciences of motion and human Psychology.  This process has afforded Dr. Tyree with the opportunity to not only provide care for the general population, but also allowed him to develop a caseload that includes both current and retired professional and Olympic athletes.  Now, he looks forward to helping you improve and progress beyond your best. 

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