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Brain mapping is a new technology that scientists and doctors are using to understand the brain. This current research will help you live a healthier life due to new knowledge that you will gain. We’ll explain more about brain mapping and how your chiropractor in West Palm Beach can use it.

Brain Mapping

Billions of cells and neurons that act in sophisticated harmony comprise the human brain. When scientists map the brain, they learn which parts of our brains direct our abilities and functions. They can learn more about our learning capabilities, the aging process, mental illnesses and other brain-related problems.

Brain mapping gives doctors and scientists a clearer picture of our brain structure. It shows how neurons work together. It also shows where different lobes and regions are located. To fully map the human brain, researchers will need decades of data to understand the brain at different ages and stages.


To understand the brain, researchers use different tools to form composite images. For instance, they use CAT scans, which stand for computer axial tomography. These scans show different angles of the brain and indicate any problems.

They also use magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, to make high-resolution images of the brain. The MRI machine creates images based on the movement of water through the brain. Another test is electroencephalography, or EEG, which maps electrical movement. In addition, the test known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, triggers behavior through brain stimulation.


As scientists and doctors learn more about the brain through mapping techniques, they can provide better treatment options. Greater understanding will help doctors know the best ways for bodies to heal after trauma. Brain maps can assist doctors in diagnostics and surgeries. As a result, they can map the progress of diseases or know exactly where to cut out a tumor.

Some disorders, such as autism, are related to poor neuron connections. Brain mapping may help doctors understand how they can make improvements because it helps them understand neuron connections. They can also study the brain to know how different drugs can help people with mental illnesses. We can expect advances in understanding of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, concussions and other problems that affect the brain in the years to come.

Is Brain Mapping for You?

If you have a health problem that affects your brain, your doctor may order tests. These tests may include a CAT scan, MRI or EEG to learn more about your disorder. By pinpointing where the brain is affected, your doctor or West Palm Beach chiropractor can prescribe treatments or medications to alleviate your symptoms. These tests are non-invasive and safe for most people.

Are you wondering if brain mapping can provide a miracle cure? Talk to the professionals at My Hope Health to learn if certain tests could improve your condition. Also, you can set up an appointment by calling 561-686-0120 today or email alexis@myhopehealth.com.

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